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About Us

This is the section of the website where we try and tell you a little about us, there are three stories to be told:

Rob And Mila and Moose

Practice History:

Up until December 2009 the practice was owned and operated by Dr Howard Wagner and his lovely wife Linda.

The year after we bought the practice, we undertood a major renovation project and totall re-designed the office layout and did major improvements to the interior of the building. Just so you get the scale of what was done, the photo below shows a section of the building totally stripped inside.


While we may be the new owners we could never replace the history and patient loyality Dr Wagner had taken 35 years to build. What we sincerely hope to do is to continue what Dr Wagner started and gain the trust of our patients through hard work and highest quality dental care.

About July 2009 Dr. Andersen and Robert started looking for a dental practice to buy. They wanted to stay in New Hampshire as they have been exploring and photographing its beauty since July 2000. They ended up deciding to buy Dr Wagners practice after visiting it a couple of times and having a meet and greet breakfast with the existing staff.

Long term employment and staff satisfaction was extremely important to them, and as all the staff indicated they wanted to stay on, that really sealed deal for Robert and Mila.

On Dec 7th 2009 Dr. Andersen officially took over the practice and we have worked hard ever since to build trust with the patients and re-invest in the practice to upgrade it both in terms of technology and appearance.

As of this writing (August 2017), we still have more plans to complete the upgrade of the buildings appearance. We want to keep the charm and character of an old building but have it look proud and in great condition as if it was just built. We have done major renovation and restoration work on both the building and interior since purchasing the practice.

About Robert & Mila Andersen:

Robert & Mila Andersen is a family of four (The two of us and our two dogs Bella and Lakota).

Rob and Mila

Mila was originally born in Bulgaria and immigrated to America 28 years ago. Dr. Andersen received her first dental education in Bulgaria graduating in 1983. After her arrival in the United States she attended University of Pennsylvania, School of Dental Medicine receiving her degree in 1994.

Dr. Andersen originally practiced general dentistry in the state of Pennsylvania for six years before relocating to New Hampsire seacoast area where she has been for the past ten years. Mila has always dreamed of owning her own dental practice and Littleton seemed to be the perfect place to make that dream come true.

Robert Andersen was originally born in Copenhagen Denmark, his family immigrated to Australia when he was nine years old. He grew up in Australia and is an Australian citizen. He has resided and worked in Australia since 1973, after meeting Mila he moved to the USA in 2001. He is an electrician by trade but is also qualified in the computing and networking fields.

We love being a family and sharing our time together, we love the great outdoors and are serious amateur photographers. When we are not working hard doing the daily grind, we are outdoors somewhere chasing down that next 'almost perfect' photograph.

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