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Patient Education

We want everybody to be informed, it helps in both understanding the dental treatment we provide and the reasons why problems occur. It also helps you to understand the preventive measures you can take to avoid problems in the first place.

We could try and write a lot of information on this ourselves, but there are some very good websites out there that can do that better than we can. So what we will do here is provide some links to places with educational material that you might find very helpful.

We are not affiliated with these sites in anyway, we just provide links to their websites so that you can find help or information on dental care and conditions.

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With Dental Health Online, find information on dental procedures and preventive treatment, cosmetic dentistry, oral health recommendations, dentistry news, answers to common oral health questions, and newsletters about popular dental topics.

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Information on Prevention Conditions and Treatments, very comprehensive collection of helpful material, lots of very good information on this site.

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Dental Animations

Animated Tooth com has lots of interactive materials and slideshow animations on many topics including decay, braces, fillings, child dental care, dentures, prosthesis, extraction, surgeries, gums and oral hygiene.

Animated Tooth Com Link

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